If you are ready to purchase a house – you are probably going to be excite and maybe a little nervous.

Here are 5 important things to do on a walkthrough to help lower any anxiety or future surprises.

1. Look For Wet Spots Check the ceilings for wet spots (rings or circles) and discoloration around windows. They can cause issues down the road and be hard to fix!

2. Check The Wiring Turn on the switches, dimmers, check the doorbell, garage door, basically check it all. If things are not working right, there could be an overall wiring issue.

3. Inspect the Bathroom Again look for water damage around toilets, showers and tubs. Also make sure everything is working properly, flush the toilets, check the showers and faucets to make sure the hot water works.

4. Test the hardware Basically check everything from fans to the washer and dryer. Make sure it all works.

5. Run the heat and AC You want to make sure the heat and AC are working properly – turn them on and let it run a few minutes. Finally make a checklist for all the items to be included in the sale and have the owner sign-off or initial it so there’s no confusion or disagreements at closing.

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